SEEGLOBE being a home of Talent has fully invested into raising actors that will infuture bring an impact in the movie industry.Kendi widad is  one miraculous child that has surprised Africa's biggest film directors and actors from the way she internalises scripts.,the way she delivers emotions in her given roles.During her last shoot of SEEGLOBE'S project ....she got a chance to be with one of the best film directors in Africa who asked  her how many scenes had remained for the project to be complete..she said three.that took everyone by surprise because it was  true. she kept repeating the same while asked  time to time.she already understands film terms used during movie making.The directors saw her as a future actress/director. they were impressed when she responded well to the director's 'actions' and' cuts'.especially when she was crying where she was supposed to cry, stopping to cry when she was supposed to cry and ensuring continuity in her body movements and scripted lines . .The director concluded that her scenes would be the most emotional.she is the youngest seeglober.


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